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Filming Your Events

Because each event is unique and club availability is limited, all requests must be received two to three weeks before the event. If we are not given this window, we may not be able to plan the shoot, allocate equipment, and gather a crew before the event.

To request services, please contact RPI TV by email at Please include the following in your request: the venue, start and end times, venue availability, and whether UPAC Lights or Sound will also be at the event. By contacting RPI TV for services, you and your organization agrees to the terms set forth in our Jobs Policy

Purchasing Copies of Productions

RPI TV maintains an archive of everything it has produced; all productions can be seen on the Productions page. If you would like to purchase a copy of one of the events listed in the database, please email RPI TV. There is a cost of $10 per DVD and $15 per Blu-Ray (only available for HD content).